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Lead Thou Me On - Giclee


Large 24x30" Giclee on canvas, stretched on bars and unframed. This painting is for all of us who have ever thought that the path of our life is not a flat, smooth surface. At some point in our lives, a parent, friend, leader or missionary puts our hand on the iron rod - symbolizing the teachings of Christ and more - but from then on we travel on through our own path of pitfalls, crevasses, climbs. The Iron Rod gives us the direction we need and even help to overcome trials, but that doesn't mean it will be easy. Notice how torn the young woman's dress is around the knees from stopping to pray for strength and guidance. How, after that brutal climb behind her and the light of her destination - the Tree of Life - is just alighting on her over the ridge, she still looks back to encourage another who is struggling with all her might to reach the rod.

This is us. All who struggle to choose the right, and to help others avoid the same pitfalls and dangers that we can see from our perspective. And the one person that can do that for all of us is Christ, who has travelled all our paths and knows how to overcome each trial. This painting was inspired by all my hard times that followed with unexpected blessings. How thankful I am for his love and guidance during my own personal trials!