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Some Types of Faith Only Grow in the Dark

Some Types of Faith Only Grow in the Dark



      I love the symbolism of light as it relates to the gospel. To an artist, light is information – it tells us shape, size, color, texture and so much more. And similar to paintings, our life is often a battle between light and dark. It’s often said that our Heavenly Father’s love is like a light – warm, open and inviting.

          There is another saying I’ve heard that has hit close to home – that some types of faith can only grow in the dark. As I’ve stumbled through the loss of a child recently and prayed for peace, I was in the dark until He helped me find the light. So many of our challenges will come in the dark, but our faith can sustain us  - and even grow because of those times. I am so thankful for a loving God who gives us the chance to grow – even if it’s in the dark. I’m also grateful for the plan of Salvation and the reassurance that we will be together with our loved ones again.


This fine art giclee is on a canvas, then mounted on a board. All sizes are regular, so they can be popped into a pre-made frame easily, without need for glass or matting.

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