In Feburary of 2000, I was diagnosed with a severe case of  'Bells Palsy' after the right side of my face lost feeling. Soon after I was given a blessing in which there was no mention of recovery but instead, I was counseled to begin using my art for the gospel. After much prayer and scripture study, I felt inspired to paint a series on "Women of Inspiration". These painting were all created in the hopes of uplifting and inspiring us to be as these women were and are - strong in their faith BEFORE the trials came.  Each painting was prayed about & researched to be as historically correct as possible.  First was "A Mothers Sacrifice" (Johebed, Mirium and Moses) next came "Elizabeth Horrocks Jackson" (inspired by her own journals, from the Martin and Willy Handcart Co.) This painting is currently on display at the Church Handcart Museum in WY and is also featured in the video, "Righteous Women" (see button below). Many more paintings have followed and can be seen below. Most are available for purchase. A few other paintings are included on this page because of their religious content as well.




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