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Drop by Drop

Drop by Drop

$65.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price

This Giclee on heavy paper measures 16 x 24", and will be shipped rolled up.

The original will be on exhibit at the Museum of Church History & Art starting early 2022 in SLC.


"Drop by Drop" depicts a young Ethiopian woman as she replenishes her lamp oil before it runs out. The oil is symbolic of the actions we take to feel our fire of faith - things like fasting, paying tithes, acts of kindness, magnifying our callings, studying scriptures and attending the temple and our meetings. By performing these small acts, we are able to fill our well of faith and be strengthened through the challenges that will inevitably come our way.  This faith gives us light through our darkest hours. As an artist, light provides me information - it describes shape, color, texture and mood.

*This painting will be in the latest of the church’s International Competition 2022

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