"Who Am I to Judge Another?"

"Who Am I to Judge Another?"

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            This painting was inspired through social media. When someone close to me had posted about a topic that was against my personal beliefs and I really wanted to add my 2 cents to an already heated conversation. As I debated out loud to my husband my desire to write something, he said, “Don’t do it Megan, you’ll regret it” and when I persisted in saying how wrong this other person’s view was, he said, “You’re not her judge.”                  

      That stopped me in my tracks right there.

       I immediately was able to step out of myself and see the situation from a different point of view. Not only was I able to see how judging someone else would create a division, but it was keeping me from loving unconditionally. This picture immediately came to my mind, and I took out my sketch book and drew a woman about my age and station in life holding scales behind her back. She was in the act of realizing that she was judging and is about to drop the scales.

        Since that day, I’ve been more aware and able to catch myself on judging others. When someone cuts me off in traffic, I think, “Maybe she’s have a stressful day and is in a hurry.” Letting go of judging has actually been a freeing thing for me! It has softened my heart and helped me to be more open.

Brigham Young taught:

     “I wish to urge upon the Saints … to understand men and women as theyare, and not understand them as you are.”6“How often it is said—‘Such a person has done wrong, and he cannot be a Saint.’ … We hear some swear and lie … [or] break the Sabbath. … Do not judge such persons, for you do not know the design of the Lord concerning them. … [Rather,] bear with them.”

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